The topic of safety in taxis, and thus also the topic of safety in road traffic, has the highest priority for us.

You put your safety in our hands – thank you for your trust.

The moment you, as our customer, get into one of our vehicles, you place your safety and that of your family in the hands of our driver. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this trust.

On this page you will find out what measures we take to reduce the dangers in road traffic to a minimum. We have already told you in our FAQs that it is very important to us to be reliable and punctual for you. Check out our vehicles page to find out what we do to make your transfer as pleasant as possible, etc.

But priority ONE is to get you to your destination safely.

Snow chains guarantee safety when driving downhill

As true Tyroleans, we know the Tyrolean mountains and our taxis best. Snow is part of winter in Tyrol and so are snow-covered roads. Our vehicles all have all-wheel drive. But sometimes snow chains are necessary.  We are happy to put up with cold fingertips for you and your fellow passengers.

In any case, we observe all legally prescribed chain obligations.

Antifreeze for clear vision

We make sure that the antifreeze tanks are full.

Clear visibility is the most important criterion for safe driving in cold, snowy and dark conditions. The antifreeze tanks of our vehicles are refilled daily.

4 x 4 all-wheel drive technology

All our vehicles are equipped with four-wheel drive. Unlike a front or rear-wheel drive vehicle, all four wheels are driven simultaneously by the engine and controlled electronically. This causes the front wheels to pull and the rear wheels to push at the same time. Spinning of one wheel is thus prevented.

Mountain roads can therefore be mastered with maximum safety even on snow-covered surfaces.

Safety through rest periods

Another important factor for road safety is the scheduling of our tours. We always make sure that our drivers have enough time to rest and relax.

In addition, when scheduling the tours, we make sure that no stressful situations arise for our drivers that could lead to overtiredness.

Mobile phone on the ear: No-Go

What you see in this picture does not exist with us!

All vehicles are equipped with hands-free systems. During a journey with you, we reduce our telephone calls to an absolutely necessary business minimum.

Winter tyres are compulsory

When it comes to tyres, a millimetre can make the difference between doom and gloom. We don’t want to take that chance.

When it comes to safety in taxis, there are also huge differences in quality to consider. The annual fitting of new winter tyres to our fleet has its price. But if you buy cheap, you buy expensive.

We only use brand-name tyres that are recommended to us by our vehicle manufacturers.

Brakes are renewed annually

On our Tyrolean mountain roads, brakes are stressed to the limit. The wear and tear is correspondingly high.

Replacing our vehicle brakes every year is a costly affair. However, we assume that you fully agree with us on this:

This is a taxi saving in the wrong place.

Compulsory seat belts

Please note that in Austria it is compulsory for ALL passengers (including those in the rear seats) to wear seat belts.

Kindersitze bei Gangl Transfer gratis

Child safety seats

It is a legal requirement that children up to 14 years and smaller than 1.50 m sit in an appropriate child seat. We have suitable child seats for all ages, please request these when booking.

We provide child seats FREE of charge.

The quality of the “taxi” service“

You have clearly defined the quality requirements for your holiday and the corresponding customer reviews of the hotel, slopes, restaurants, etc. have finally prompted you to book. you have finally made the booking. The airport transfer is the beginning and the end of your skiing holiday in Tyrol or South Tyrol and therefore an essential part of your stay.

What demands do you make on the quality of the taxi service?

It definitely has to be cheap! And then there are a few little things that must not be missing …

The service of the office:

  • immediate reaction to your request – you don’t want to wait long for your offer
  • English communication – you just don’t speak German
  • error-free handling of your booking – your deadlines must be met
  • Reliable and punctual – no matter how much your flight is delayed, you expect your taxi to be there when you arrive.

The quality of the vehicle

  • as good as new – rattling noises disturb you
    comfortable – you don’t want to get out with stiff limbs
  • spacious – your luggage belongs in the boot, not on your lap
  • clean – you are not interested in what happened before you in the car
  • in perfect technical condition – we don’t even want to talk about that
  • high performance – after all, you want to drive up Tyrol’s mountains

The qualification of the driver:

  • local knowledge – thousands of hotels in Tyrol are not important to you as long as the driver finds yours.
  • experienced – you rely on the person at the wheel knowing what they are doing
    friendly, helpful – you are a guest and want to be welcomed as such
  • communicative – you have many questions about the country and its people, the culture or your holiday destination and are disappointed when your driver doesn’t understand them and doesn’t know the answers.
  • responsible – you entrust a stranger with your safety and therefore expect the utmost care in road traffic.

Are you looking for a taxi service with quality, safety and experience?

Innsbruck Airport Taxi – Gangl Transfers is a genuine Tyrolean with a sense of responsibility!

The protected Tirol brand and thus also the Tirol logo stand for the highest quality in all branches of tourism. It is no wonder that more and more businesses, especially taxi and transfer companies, are incorporating the logo into their online media, thereby endorsing the high standards that are inextricably linked with the Tirol brand.

Caution! Not everywhere that says Tirol on it is actually Tirol in it.

Our company has succeeded in concluding a promotion licence agreement with Tirol Werbung GmbH for the use of the Tirol logo.

This ensures that we are indeed a Tyrolean company that meets the quality criteria, ideology and tradition with which the Tyrol brand identifies.