Cleanliness and comfort is important to us. Therefore, we attach great importance to always cleaned and regularly maintained vehicles.

comfortable and spacious

As drivers, we pay great attention to optimal driving comfort. We also want to provide this to our passengers. 25 years of driving experience has shown us that comfortable vehicles with generous space is an important factor for comfortable travel.

You determine your individual room temperature

Our vehicles are equipped with additional air conditioners for each row of seats. This allows each passenger, the individual adjustment of a comfortable room temperature.

Cleanliness is a given

Cleanliness in our vehicles is our top priority. Our quality criteria are only achieved when our passengers, upon boarding, have the feeling that no one has ever taken a seat in our vehicles before them.


Mercedes Vito

Spacious and comfortable. Enough space for all your luggage including skis and snowboards.

VW Sharan

Flexible space concept, maximum comfort on all three rows of seats, and dynamic design.

Cab safety

Safety is a major concern for us. That’s why you can find out here in detail what we do for your safety.